Track PR metrics to drive media coverage

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July 01, 2021, 1:50 AM GMT+0

Implementing a data-led approach for newswires helps differentiate between syndicated publications and real coverage by journalists.

Tracking PR marketing campaign metrics informs the strategic business decisions of marketers, sales teams, C-suite executives, and other stakeholders. While media engagement is imperative for PR, other factors like SEO, coverage breakdown and messaging pull-throughs are also vital to a successful PR campaign.

Marketing managers and agencies must break down coverage data into quarterly or half-yearly reporting and assess coverage trends like news articles to determine reach. Updating target media lists, measuring unique visitors per month, helps boost media placements and impressions.

Mark coverage by coded messages to measure PR metrics. B2B marketers can leverage these insights to guide their marketing strategies and ensure continual coverage in media outlets. Including backlinks in press releases and other collateral enhances PR efforts.

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