Drive ecommerce subscriptions using data

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July 02, 2021, 2:32 AM GMT+0

Offering incentives on auto payments and auto-renewals can boost subscriptions sales.

Ecommerce subscription services enable businesses to offer customers recurring purchasing options while increasing their lifetime value (LTV). The recurring nature of subscriptions can boost acquisition rates, nurture relationships, build brand communities on social media, retain consumers, and predict buying patterns.

Create a plan of action, serve consumers on their preferred platforms, and offer agile and innovative subscription services to differentiate from competitors. Tracking metrics like customer acquisition costs (CAC), average order value (AOV), and LTV can help brands gather consumer data and offer personalised subscription recommendations.

Based on the type of subscription model, brands must ensure their ecommerce platform has all the tools and payment gateways required to run the subscription business. Ensure the subscription service aligns with overall long-term business goals and has the right resources to grow.

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