Manage expectations for paper packaging

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July 05, 2021, 1:34 AM GMT+0

Four out of five consumers across Europe would rather buy a product in paper-based packaging, than plastic, according to a Pro Carton report.

Because of its environmental friendliness, paper is gaining prevalence as a packaging material as more and more FMCG brands adopt paper packaging. Products like deodorant, vodka, and chocolate can now be packaged with pulp-derived materials due to advancements in paper packaging technology.

FMCG businesses have vowed to make packaging recyclable, as regulations like Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) come into effect. However, with paper packaging materials being produced from sustainable pulp or wood fibre, the material, comes with its challenges like moisture damage and transportation footprint.

This poses a shelf-life concern for FMCG products. Companies looking to switch to paper packaging must inform consumers of expectations around shelf life. High-quality paper, creating distinctive packaging, and incorporating innovative designs is necessary to compete with plastic.

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