Plan strategic influencer campaigns

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July 05, 2021, 5:03 PM GMT+0

Like traditional campaigns, influencer campaigns can help brands drive sales and traffic to their site and boost brand awareness.

Before creating an influencer campaign, marketers should determine their goals and KPIs. Define the target audience and accordingly choose the influencer depending on their ideal audience. Defining the target audience can also help marketers choose the right platform as some social media platforms have a broad appeal while others are more niche.

There are various influencer campaign types like affiliate marketing or discount codes, product reviews or giveaways, and sponsored content. Each type of influencer campaign serves a unique purpose, and brands should choose one based on their predefined goals and KPIs.

Marketers should find, analyse and vet relevant influencers based on their engagement rate and compatibility with the brand image. Use track links, discount code, analytics numbers, and engagement to track the performance of influencer campaigns.

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