CEOs are cynical about Social

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July 06, 2021, 5:05 PM GMT+0

Social might bring recognition, but brands need a strong content strategy as the foundation of their marketing plan.

CEOs believe that though social media is effective for building brand reputation, personality and cultivating a community. But, it is largely ineffective at driving conversions and sales. Studies show social media is not enough on its own to drive business results because of indirect connection to conversion points and no placement control.

Around 77% of CEOs expect marketing to directly affect their bottom line – new customers, increased sales, and lead generation. Additionally, the majority of CEOs are not impressed with likes, retweets and impressions.

With search engines being the default starting point for most online queries, marketers must prioritise content marketing and consistently create relevant content to drive baseline results. They should then get social media to promote their content further and encourage customer engagement.

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