Cloud technology enables digitisation

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July 06, 2021, 12:16 PM GMT+0

Assessment of various tasks can help brands select the right automation tools and improve digitisation process.

Digitisation has become a priority for many businesses especially with COVID-19 driving the need for digital-first platforms. Companies looking to digitise and compete in their niche, while minimising risk, should establish clear protocols aligned with their goals, to pick appropriate tech that boosts digitisation efforts.

Cloud technology can help business leaders and employees access and update important information from around the world, notes Ajay Serohi, a supply chain and logistics expert. Cloud apps and systems can help brands manage payrolls, supply chains, consumer relationships and more in real-time and guide their decision-making.

Integrate automation tools and other digital services strategically to enhance digitisation and lower costs. Automation tools and SaaS platforms can help brands boost their staff’s productivity, improve time management, augment skill-sets and more.

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