Horizontal website scrolling boosts UX

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July 06, 2021, 10:28 AM GMT+0

Tailored website cursors allow brands to enhance consumers’ online experiences.

Businesses could do well to follow and leverage website design trends from this year to attract traffic to sites and influence potential consumers. Employing a full-page colourful header trend on the left side of the page can help brands attract users’ attention and retain them.

Horizontal scrolling or parallax scrolling effects, wherein the background of a website scrolls slower than the foreground, are also popular because they provide unique experiences for site visitors. Convey information through a scrolling card layout and incorporate audio representations to communicate with visitors and stand out among competitors.

Multimedia features such as texts, videos, and audio, as well as illustrations such as cartoons, can contribute to a better customer experience. Creating mobile responsive websites that load quickly is recommended to enhance user experience (UX).

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