Marketers must master content creation

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July 06, 2021, 5:02 PM GMT+0

This piece shares evergreen tips that can be applied in an ever-changing industry.

With anecdotes of negative experiences abounding online, shoppers are often sceptical about brands. Mastering content creation can help brands develop text that removes all objectives and concerns of the buyer.

As content accompanies customers throughout the sales funnel, marketers should make sure their content addresses buyers' pain points, solves their problems, and makes their lives better. Thinking from the buyer's perspective can help create content that resonates with the buyers.

Marketers should also define their brand positing in the marketing to stand out. While determining the brand's purpose, marketers should consider their core values, unique value proposition and the mission they want to fulfil. Companies should also use smart metrics and end-to-end analytics to measure and analyse the effectiveness of marketing investments on each channel.

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