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July 07, 2021, 2:51 AM GMT+0

Repurposing content across channels like Facebook helps build presence and maximises content impact.

Having an in-house social media staff can help brands manage social channels, respond in real-time to trends, memes, and save costs. Define a clear strategy aligned with the brand’s goals for each channel and focus on growing the company's social media presence and credibility to manage social media in-house.

Brands can adjust their strategy and define key KPIs to evaluate their social media marketing performance. Measure insights through analysis to focus on channels that produce the best results, as well as to understand audience preferences to create relevant and engaging content.

To ensure a consistent flow of content output, brands should develop a social-media calendar using spreadsheets or tools like Loomly. Aligning the content with each platform’s native format can help brands effectively repurpose content across social media.

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