Brands must explore Spotify's Greenroom

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July 08, 2021, 3:19 AM GMT+0

Ads in Greenroom audio chat enable brands to connect with highly engaged audiences.

As more social media platforms adopt drop-in audio chat, Spotify’s Greenroom can be used by marketers to connect with their audiences and enhance engagement strategies. Greenroom in terms of layout and functionality is similar to Clubhouse.

Users can search for and enter virtual rooms in the hallway, press the app button to raise hands and join in the conversation, and more. However, the Gems function in the Greenroom scores users based on usage, and moderators can record discussions to create group podcasts.

B2B marketers can talk to consumers via brand-hosted podcasts, retain the audience’s attention and boost consumer engagement through virtual rooms in Greenroom. Businesses can provide consistent experiences and build highly engaged audiences through Greenrooms.

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