Tackle CTV data fragmentation with UIDs

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July 08, 2021, 10:22 AM GMT+0

Standardised unique identifiers (UIDs) across platforms can help buyers and sellers overcome walled gardens.

Marketers may have to merge omnichannel Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) with connected TV (CTV) DSPs, as CTV brands update buying platforms. While this allows CTV brands more revenue control, the walled gardens will lead to more fragmentation and lower overall reach and frequency.

CTV walled gardens will make it challenging for brands to manage campaigns as they’ll be compelled to adopt a multiplatform approach, to access exclusive data and inventory. Though buying inventory from an omnichannel DSP can overcome the walled gardens, it will add to buyers’ costs.

Buyers and sellers should develop consumer-first, privacy-compliant strategies for iOS 14 and Google's FLoC, and use UIDs to lower CTV data fragmentation. Offering consumers value in exchange for data, building trusted data partnerships can help brands measure and manage CTV campaigns.

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