Think beyond growth hacking tactics

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July 08, 2021, 5:26 PM GMT+0

Though growth hacking promises fast results with little effort, it is often just quick experimentation without tracking or a real plan.

To be successful in the long-run, marketers need to think beyond growth hacking tactics and embrace experiment-based marketing mixed with a customised and adaptable long-term strategy. Businesses should interview their customers, check social stats for engagement to know their target audiences.

The first step to ensure a better plan than growth hacking is to reach the right audience rather than reaching everyone. Use data to build buyer persona and tap into the audiences’ emotional side. Marketers should then use audience insights to create meaningful, engaging conversations with them in their language.  

Marketers should actively listen to their customers to understand their perceptions about the brand/products. Leverage this information to improve products and business operations while maintaining consistency and leverage multi-channel marketing.

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