Actively listen during interviews

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July 09, 2021, 5:39 PM GMT+0

Though communicators often under-appreciate interviewing expertise, it can help PR pros uncover hidden gems and bring out sensational stories.

Before scheduling an interview, communication experts should learn about the interviewee in detail. They should Google their name, check for media mentions and LinkedIn profiles. They can also send them one or two questions in the email to set the tone of the interview.

While conducting the interview, start with easy questions to make the interviewee feel at ease. Interviewers should ask open-ended questions and begin with words like “How?” or “Why”. Communication professionals should also develop a set of questions to guide the interview.

PR pros should actively listen to the interviewee to springboard off the source’s answer. When the interviewee is comfortable, communicators can probe the challenges and bring out the things that did not work. They should also ask “open-up” questions and dig for colourful anecdotes.

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