Brand alliances improve consumer trust

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July 09, 2021, 10:21 AM GMT+0

Exhibit positive press coverage from reputable media outlets on the website to enhance brand credibility.

Building trust with potential customers is important because the internet lacks authority and people may be hesitant to contact a brand with whom they have never done business before. Create online communities with meaningful interactions and engagement, across social media to drive brand awareness and boost credibility.

Highlighting well-known brand alliances and technological product and service integrations on the website can help organisations gain trust from prospects. With consent, businesses can also showcase their client list and use their logos in marketing campaigns to draw customers’ attention, improve authority and increase sales.

Businesses may use testimonials to build trust, as testimonials are imperative for guiding consumer purchase intent in the B2B arena, as per G2. Data and insights can help brands prove their competencies, offer value, and build trust.

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