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July 12, 2021, 2:21 PM GMT+0

Businesses can leverage Quora to boost credibility and generate leads.

With Quora having more than 100 million monthly users, the site offers better converting, engaging traffic than TikTok or Instagram. Brands can leverage Quora to attract high converting traffic to their blogs, as users on the site are driven by intent and look for content that provides valuable guidance.

However, because Quora is an educational Q&A site, businesses should seek high-traffic questions and provide meaningfully and quality answers to those questions while adhering to its guidelines. Conduct organic keyword research with tools like SEMrush or assess follower to question ratio to find high-traffic questions.

Brands can incorporate interactive images in answers to drive upvotes, boost engagement and steer readers towards their blogs. Writing short answers with headings, subheads, and bullet points are recommended to ensure they are easily readable.

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