Incorporate JOE to personalise CX

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July 12, 2021, 2:47 PM GMT+0

Journey Orchestration Engine (JOE) can suggest comparable prospects who have not been targeted and adapts to their journey using machine learning and intelligence.

As customer journeys become complicated, numerous touchpoints invariable make the process complex with varied tones and methods, affecting consumer experience (CX). Brands can add JOE with their Martech to fix disconnected customer journeys and fragmented silos, define specific targets, and convert prospects.

JOE can help understand consumers’ movement, visualise their journey across channels, activate and orchestrate their buying process with perks and incentives. However, brands should identify prospects across channels and transactions; assign contextual content, timing, preferences, and more to improve engagement.

Make sure the personalisation rules correspond with all the channels to deliver a consistent CX. Eliminate silos to create an easy-to-understand consumer journey across all touchpoints. Brands can further leverage JOE to implement and design

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