Right influencers boost branded content

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July 12, 2021, 2:32 PM GMT+0

Partnering up Instagram influencers with similar goals and niches can help balance style and authenticity.

Develop an Instagram campaign to extend brand reach, bridge the gap between organic and sponsored ads, and collaborate with influencers to target prospective consumers effectively. While selecting a partner, assess factors like partner’s audience demographics, consistency, and transparency, among others, to choose the right influencers for the branded campaigns.

Businesses can use tools like Brand Collabs Manager to discover relevant influencers on Instagram. Once an appropriate influencer is found, brands should enable the branded content feature through the Instagram Business Account Settings. 

Select appropriate content formats like Stories, Reels, Live videos, IGTV and more on Instagram, depending on the brand’s existing content strategy and goals. Companies can also leverage paid ads on Instagram and reshare and repurpose content to promote their branded content.

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