Identity in digital ads being redefined

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July 13, 2021, 11:15 AM GMT+0

Digital marketers are divided on whether email-based identifiers are safer than third-party cookies, according to an AdExchanger study.

As the digital marketing business work to deprecate third-party cookies to protect consumers' privacy, many remain sceptical of the new privacy solutions. According to the report, marketers are collecting first-party data, testing new identity resolution solutions, and are using contextual data frequently.

Moreover, with linear TV advertising revenues shifting to connected TV and walled gardens gaining a larger share of consumer attention and advertising dollars, the identity picture is changing. Over 50% of digital marketers are leveraging second-party data and are participating in industry data partnerships.

While 44% of marketers feel that email is more secure than third-party cookies, the same percentage of marketers disagree. Marketers point that how data is managed, shared, and stored affects consumers' privacy.

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