Use social media to drive web traffic

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July 13, 2021, 3:20 PM GMT+0

Nearly nine out of 10 marketers said social media marketing drives higher website traffic.

Marketers must optimise their social profiles in order to drive more traffic to their websites from social. Branded social profiles should quickly communicate the brand value proposition and simultaneously establish their tone and style.

Marketers should connect their profile bio to the site with a call to action for their home or landing page. Using social proof can help companies utilise their social credibility to enhance the site’s value. Marketers should also highlight their customer reviews, testimonials and third-party media coverage to bring a human voice into their brand experiences.

Brands should further incorporate likes, comments and feedback into their social media content as well as website. Marketers can use visuals like infographics to attract viewers’ attention. They should be responsive, engaging and consistent to drive web traffic from social media effectively.

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