Offer value to collect first-party data

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July 14, 2021, 1:17 PM GMT+0

Publishers are working with omnichannel partners to manage multiple IDs, lessen cross-device redundancies, and more, as per a recent survey.

With Google delaying the elimination of third-party cookies, publishers should nurture relationships with audiences and educate consumers about the value exchange of first-part data. The industry can use this time to scale PII database and ID-based solutions that support the programmatic infrastructure.

While publishers are aware of the value they can provide, many are unsure how to ask for data without deterring readers. Tracking user behaviour to measure engagement, repeat visits, and ad performance may help publishers provide appropriate value in exchange for first-party information.

Auditing websites can also help publishers identify the “when and where” of the most value created and develop compelling value exchange offers. Focus on the most valuable assets and provide micro-value exchanges like contextual recommendations in exchange for data.

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