Tell stories in your emails

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July 15, 2021, 4:12 PM GMT+0

Studies show that half of the world’s population has an active email account, and the number is rising.

With email marketing generating positive email marketing ROI, businesses must leverage this channel to reach their prospects. Before creating email marketing plans, companies should specify their goals. Use short, to-the-point yet attention-grabbing email subject lines to attract user attention.

Marketers should create a buyer persona to personalise emails based on audiences’ interests and demographics. They should always talk in the second person while writing emails. Instead of starting the email with a pitch, brands should tell them a story. A short story with a relevant message can help brands build an emotional connection and sell the product with a personal touch.

Businesses can also use a countdown to create urgency in the email copy. Using FOMO, optimising CTAs, encouraging customer feedback and urgency in email copies can further boost sales.

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