Data can guide social media expansion

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July 16, 2021, 1:08 AM GMT+0

Having a vision and planning strategically can help marketers get their leadership’s buy-in to grow the existing social media team.

Brands looking to grow should expand their social media department, as it has become the key communication channel for consumers. Consider variables like growth towards goals, missed engagement opportunities, and impact on collaborative efforts when making the case for expanding the social media department.

Marketers can leverage social insights to inform business decisions, anticipate the required skillsets for the expansion and eliminate silos. However, brands must assess the future of social media expansion, its impact on the business and ensure that it is aligned with the growth strategy.

Highlight KPIs contributing towards the wider company goals and mention the risks involved, while stating the long-term plans and benefits of the expansion. Social media managers should provide data to the leadership to make hiring viable.

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