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July 16, 2021, 2:06 PM GMT+0

Creating a supportive creator environment can help Facebook drive content creation.

Facebook recently announced a $1 billion reward package for creators and influencers who choose to work with Facebook and Instagram tools. The announcement conveys the significance of influencer’s relevance to the company’s overall income mix, notes Claudia Cameron, head of marketing and insights at IMA.

However, merely giving the money isn't enough, Facebook must also provide tangible support to its creators, just like its competitors. The new monetisation features should be followed by easier ways of showcasing content and should include insights tools for creators to grow and improve content creation.

While monetary compensation can attract top creators, offering incentives like brand partnerships and access to prospects can boost content creation on Facebook. Because Facebook already has the requisite audience, it can provide influencers with a platform to reach users at scale.

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