Rewarded ads augment eCMP

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July 16, 2021, 12:18 PM GMT+0

A Vungle report highlights the revenue impact from different types of in-app ad placements.

The analysis uncovers discrepancies in the revenue potential between rewarded ads and display ads like medium rectangle ads (MRECs). Rewarded ad prompts placed within an engagement loop create 2.5 times higher effective cost per mille (eCPMs) than those placed in static menus or in-app stores.

Non-gaming apps, which produced nearly two times the eCPMs of interstitials and more than thrice the top display are suitable for rewarded ads. Moreover, interstitial placements used at the end of a game still produced the second-highest eCPM.

Also, MRECs generated five times the eCPMs than banner ads. The top five placements going by the eCPM are rewarded ads, which also ranks first. Scott Silverman, SVP of global revenue at Vungle, notes, “Mobile ad monetisation is forever evolving.”

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