Company press page can boost credibility

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July 19, 2021, 5:29 PM GMT+0

Press pages give brands complete control over which type of press coverage is being shared and how it is presented.

A company press page is a resource on the website that contains the brand’s press coverage, media mentions, publications and achievements in one place, making it easier for journalists to find relevant and valuable information about the business. Apart from boosting credibility, a company press page can help companies maintain consistency.

There are three main types of press pages: Press releases only page, “In the news” page, and a combination of both the pages. Creating a company press page can help companies share their brand story, boost SEO, increase website traffic and consolidate all media content in one place.

Businesses can provide background information, showcase interviews and highlight answers to a commonly asked question in their press pages. They can also use imagery but keep the layout simple and organised.

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