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July 19, 2021, 4:52 PM GMT+0

Around 45% of subscribers who receive a win-back email are interested in hearing from the brand.

Companies should not only collect data but also leverage it to interact with customers through re-engagement emails. For instance, Netflix collects user data to offer highly personalised recommendations. However, brands should conduct split tests to find the most appropriate fonts, images and other elements that resonate with subscribers.

Using humour and gamification can help companies effectively encourage re-engagement while also communicating their distinct brand voice. Offering limited-time deals on birthday emails can help businesses boost email open rates as well as conversion rates.

Use re-engagement emails to reinforce the brand USP and also why highlight the customer is being contacted. Give customers a clear direction with a clear, compelling, yet simple CTA. Further, brands should place the unsubscribe button in a prominent position.

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