New OOH measurement platform launched

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July 20, 2021, 4:35 PM GMT+0

Spanish company Cuende, which specialises in OOH measurement, has recently launched a new platform in the U.S.

Cuende’s new tool MetricOOH uses satellite imagery to access all traffic in a given zone of up to 3,500 square miles. The tool then feeds this information into machine learning technology to count the number of vehicles passing a given billboard.

With this tool, the Spanish company can help determine which billboard locations are most valuable based on the probability of the vehicles driving past. In a statement, the company identified the Independent Billboard Operators, aka IBOUSA, as their first American client.

MetricOOH’s manager Daniel Cuende said, “We want to produce something that’s so basic, simple and trustworthy that it works in any place, in the middle of nowhere or New York or L.A.” Cuende further added they already operate some form of MetricOOH in countries like Spain, South Africa, Romania and Mexico.

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