Take a measured approach to adopt tech

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July 20, 2021, 2:59 AM GMT+0

Chose only the right technologies to integrate, and not simply whatever is new.

A huge gap exists between shoppers desiring innovative, tech-enabled shopping experiences and them actually having to adapt to it. The article shares that a “majority” of customers wish for shopping experiences to stay the same or for there to be less amount of technology integrated.

This clashes with companies investing huge sums into tech-enabled shopping experiences as currently only 30% shoppers want more of technology integration. In terms of adoption, where 45% millennials have used a virtual fitting room, only 2% of Baby Boomers have.

A measured approach to adding tech solutions to shopping experiences is advised. This is in addition to accepting that adoption will be slow. Retailers must usefully demonstrate to consumers the value a technology brings to their shopping experiences.

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