Use personalised CTAs on landing pages

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July 20, 2021, 5:12 PM GMT+0

Studies show personalised calls to action perform 202% better than generic ones.

Instead of highlighting product/service benefits, businesses should highlight the value proposition and benefits to their audiences. They should encourage happy customers to share quotes or collect reviews through Google reviews to showcase credibility. Using high-quality images and social proofs or reviews can further improve the chances of conversion.

To further conversions, brands must use a short, simple, personalised and compelling call to action on their landing pages. Brands can also try using Smart Traffic to direct customers to the CTAs that would convert them the most. However, they must use the landing page to establish clear and consistent branding.

Use brand font, style, pattern and colours for a more significant branding effect. Try techniques like demographic segmentation and psychographic segmentation to create relevant landing page content.

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