Brands should leverage Instagram Drops

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July 21, 2021, 1:27 AM GMT+0

Marketers can use Instagram Drops to create a buzz about products while building up to the product launch.

Both Gen Z and millennials wish brands use Instagram more, as per a Sprout Social report. To reach these consumers, brands can experiment with the Instagram Drops feature. Drops allows consumers to browse, discover and purchase upcoming releases through the Instagram Shopping tab.

While strategising for a product launch on Instagram, factor in audience insights to understand prospect’s needs and desires. Using Drops for unique product launches in alignment with the interest of the target audience can help businesses maintain exclusivity and importance.

Brands should also diversify their Drop visuals, by using product shots and creator testimonials among others. They can also utilise influencer marketing to raise awareness in the initial days. Loop in the customer care team to prepare a strategy for query management regarding upcoming launches.

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