Eco-credentials impact purchase choices

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July 21, 2021, 1:23 PM GMT+0

A report by Hearts and Science and YouGov surveyed 2000 UK adults to observe how environmentally conscious consumers really are.

The study found that the purchase decisions of 52% of UK adults were influenced by a brand’s eco-credentials. Environmental concerns have caused 21% of consumers to stop doing business with a specific brand or buying a product. 

22% Britons regularly opt for eco-friendly products over their less sustainable options. Another 48% behave so only occasionally. Additionally, brands that have nurtured their eco-credentials are now getting rewarded.

Heart and Science’s chief strategy officer, Simon Carr, notes that UK shoppers are already expressing their preference towards eco-friendly products by switching brands and purchasing sustainable alternatives. Carr adds, “It’s not just that they’ll choose brands that have the best green credentials, but they’ll actively stop buying those that don’t.”

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