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July 22, 2021, 12:50 PM GMT+0

Content curation is a cost-effective strategy to boost brand awareness and reach new audiences.

Marketers can consider sharing credible content sourced from elsewhere, which is also relevant to the brand and its overall marketing strategy. Curated content helps save resources on developing new content ideas, especially for small business working with tight budgets.

Expand audience’s perspectives and sources of information by choosing content from a variety of contributors. Similarly, diversify distribution channels by sharing content through video, audio, blogs and podcast to attract more traffic and boost leads.

Along with reaching new audiences, curated content helps brands expand their peer network and collaborate with influencers. Make sure to fact-check the content and cite original sources. Moreover, brands should add their unique voice to the curated content. For instance, marketers can share comments or tweets, with their own quote added at the top of the post.

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