CMOs must be agile to achieve goals

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July 23, 2021, 2:22 AM GMT+0

Incorporate innovative technologies and methodologies to improve marketing efforts.

As marketing transformations reshape organisations, CMOs need to break down silos. The author recommends thinking like a startup’s CMO who needs to work with limited resources but at a faster speed and at a higher level of quality or efficiency. Marketers must behave so while accelerating innovations and executing strategies.

Adopting new marketing trends lets businesses create and execute effective digital campaigns, stay ahead of their competitors, as well as disrupt the industry. To match marketing campaigns and other efforts with the overarching business goal, marketing leaders should take an agile approach based on continual feedback, data, and adjustments like A/B testing.

Businesses can automate, accelerate, and streamline marketing operations by investing in marketing technology, data and analytics, and business process management. A centralised organisational structure with functional alignment can improve cross-departmental collaboration.

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