Present new angles to get media coverage

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July 23, 2021, 1:21 AM GMT+0

Knowing a journalist's workflow and PR pros tempering their expectations can improve chances of landing an interview for a pitched story.

Public relations professionals that use digital media must collaborate with journalists to pitch stories. PR experts must investigate their media contacts to ensure that a pitched story is relevant to the journalists' overall work.

Offering new perspectives on current events, relevant sources, and a well-crafted brief can help PR professionals bolster media coverage. Teena Maddox, VP at Brodeur Partners, says rather than pitching the same story to multiple outlets, “It’s better to narrow your focus and find the reporter who covers that topic.”

Avoid requesting changes to the article without a good reason, and help journalists prepare to meet embargo deadlines. Contacting journalists through preferred channels and providing relevant data can help PR professionals build trust and get media coverage.

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