Use colours to drive consumer behaviour

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July 26, 2021, 3:55 PM GMT+0

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman showed that colour is the dominant factor influencing daily decisions.

Brands can create more impact and respond better to consumer desires and expectations by leveraging the right colour combinations. Using colour nuances in the brand's logo, packaging, website, and advertisements can further help customers better reach out to customers.  Colour is the key element that allows brand's to create a distinct identity and driving consumers' brand preferences.

Brands should conduct tests using different colours or shades -like cool vs warm shades - to identify the most appropriate colour combination. Marketers can then link the impact and meaning of colours to other market research data to better understand consumers' thoughts and feelings.

Businesses should get their brand purpose right. Then, use the right colour combination, which aligns with the brand purpose, across all branding elements to create a strong visual identity and positive long-term results.

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