Build a customer-centric business

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July 27, 2021, 2:44 PM GMT+0

Studies show people-centric organisations are able to make fast and relevant changes in the CX and better meet customer needs.

Around 70% of B2B customers conduct extensive research before a formal sales process. Similarly, 85% of B2C consumers engage in due diligence before making a purchase. These numbers indicate customers are no longer waiting to be told what to do, but instead are taking control.

Businesses should gather customer data and feedback from buyers in nearly real-time to be prepared for the future. By letting customers be a part of the overall product/service building and marketing initiatives through various engagement strategies, marketers can make real-time pivots based on incoming sentiments and buying shifts.

Companies can identify undeveloped markets and stay ahead of competitors by staying in tune with people’s needs. It can further help companies foster long-term relationships with customers as well as be prepared for uncertainties.

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