Inform content strategy with SERP features

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July 27, 2021, 1:12 PM GMT+0

SERP features like Featured Snippets are designed to provide users with the most relevant answers to their questions.

Businesses can use SERP features to inform content strategy and create content that engages audiences exactly where they are in the buyer’s journey and their desired format. These features contain meaningful knowledge about their audience and how they prefer to consume information.

Knowledge Graph, Featured Snippets, Related Questions and In-Depth Article are among the most popular organic SERP features used on Google. Aligning SERP features with the buyer’s stage in the sale can help effectively reach prospects. For the awareness stage, write easy-to-understand yet descriptive content within 40-50 words while addressing high-level questions to establish thought leadership.

Marketers should use headers, bullet points and numbered lists whenever possible. At the consideration phase, use technical and comparative language. Further, use compelling statistics and results-oriented examples at the decision phase.

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