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July 29, 2021, 5:47 PM GMT+0

An IAB survey found that one of the prime reasons for opting for CTV ads over linear is a cost-effective CPM.

The future of connected TV looks promising, with CTV space offering features like improved targeting, broadened Reach and streamlined technology. But, diverse walled garden ecosystems in the CTV space make the process of buying CTV ads more complicated.

Due to many walled garden ecosystems, one of the key concerns around the CTV landscape is the transparency of ad supply chains. The fragmented environment in CTV also makes it challenging for advertisers to manage multiple supply chains in medium, especially measuring various metrics across different platforms.

But, if advertisers are willing to understand this complicated process now and invest in CTV ads, they can reap a good harvest. They can also leverage the widespread competition in the CTV space to their advantage.

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