Advertise on Reels to lift conversions

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July 30, 2021, 9:42 AM GMT+0

Serving ads on Instagram Reels helps in reaching new users and tracking the engagement levels of Reels.

Businesses can create Instagram advertising campaigns to raise brand awareness, boost online sales, and promote specific products. Develop Instagram ads using the Facebook Ads Manager tool and track the ads with Instagram Insights, which can be accessed from the Instagram app.

Create sponsored Instagram posts with an image, a short caption, and a direct link, to appear on users’ feeds. Brands with 10,000 or more followers can create story ads with a swipe-up link to their website to drive traffic and conversions.

With paid ads, brands can target users of specific ages or location, as well as draft more specific ad copies and design for Instagram campaigns. Target consumers based on campaign goals like awareness, consideration, and conversions to bid for ads types cost-effectively and reach specific audiences.

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