Deploy social hashtags in a strategic manner

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July 30, 2021, 5:34 PM GMT+0

Leveraging social media hashtags in the content strategy can help businesses effectively reach their audiences and engage with them.

While creating hashtags, marketers should keep in mind that hashtags are not meant to be grammatically correct but should be searchable and connected to content on the platform. Though marketers can capitalise words within the hashtag – like “#BeYourBest” – they should never use apostrophes within the hashtag.

Marketers can use popular, trending, yet relevant hashtags to attract user attention. But, they should strictly avoid using irrelevant hashtags to create a disconnect and eventually do more harm than good.

Companies can also create branded hashtags to leave a lasting impact on audiences. But, they should avoid “#hashtag #your #entire #sentence.” Marketers should also maintain consistency, avoid overpopulating copies with hashtags and use relevant hashtags used by their target audience.

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