Marketing funnels must be reimagined

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July 30, 2021, 1:39 AM GMT+0

A loop can allow companies to help customers get the most value out of products after the sale.

In this article, Jeff Pedowitz, president/CEO at The Pedowitz Group proposes how a marketing funnel concept is not only outdated but flawed as well. He points out that communication between a customer and a brand ceasing once a sale has been made is a short-sighted approach.

Pedowitz believes the unidirectional funnel must be a loop instead that allows for greater client retention and expansion. Post a sale, companies must go through the stages of onboarding, adoption, value-realisation, loyalty and advocacy with consumers.

Such an approach, the author observes, goes beyond a brand being just transactional. Further, it helps brands discover various ways of being involved with customers and leads to stronger brand-customer relations.  

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