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August 02, 2021, 3:26 AM GMT+0

While physical stores focus on increasing footfall, they must make sure customers do not leave the store without purchases.

67% of customers exit physical stores when they cannot find the products they want to purchase. With point-of-purchase marketing, marketers can ensure customers purchase the products they want. Additionally, point-of-purchase tactics like product displays at the checkout counter can urge customers to buy items they did not know they wanted or needed.

For instance, offer product samples, run product demonstrations to encourage customers to buy. Offer to ship products directly to customers’ homes in case the product is out-of-stock at the store.

Field marketers can approach people standing outside their stores with incentives like free samples on every purchase made. Ecommerce brands can offer discounts and free shipping through pop-up messages during checkout to avoid cart abandonment. Similarly, use pop-up chat windows to offer real time assistance.

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