Integrate new trends to refresh the brand

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August 02, 2021, 5:52 PM GMT+0

Rebranding is a time-consuming and expensive process; businesses should instead consider refreshing the brand from within.

Businesses can start the brand refresh process by reviewing their brand message. They should look beyond slogans and marketing headlines and consult with marketing teams to ensure their brand message is authentic. They should also determine whether their brand identity communicates the business mission, vision, ethics, and goals to the right audience.

Marketers should also make sure their original branding intentions align with their current activities. Ensure brand identity, message, vision, and other visual branding elements like logo, colour scheme, and typography are consistent across brand messaging and customer touchpoints.

Using customer data and data from surveys, market research, and competitor analysis can help companies effectively integrate new trends like FAQs, video content and voice search into the brand. It can help brands stay relevant among customers.

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