Zoom interviews pick up amid COVID-19

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August 02, 2021, 1:59 PM GMT+0

Having satellite trucks on location is better for authentic interviews and can inform consumers’ buying decisions, state 85% of US television producers.

A report from D S Simon Media finds that reliance on on-the-ground footage has decreased, as more journalists use Zoom for interviews amid COVID-19. 82% of stations reported receiving interview footage through Zoom, 42% received it from satellite, and 36% got it from video files.

85% of local news journalists will continue with Zoom interviews even after COVID-19. When asked about preferred location for interviewing brand spokespeople, 93% of stations said at the latter’s  homes, offices, or on location.

52%, however, are willing to interview brand spokespeople in client-provided studios, and 37% are open to them coming to the station. Further, 83% of reporters prefer interviewing people at their home, office, or on location compared to the studio (9%) or the station (7%).

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