Do not cram content with keywords

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August 03, 2021, 5:24 PM GMT+0

When designing an SEO strategy, marketers should keep in mind its overall purpose. 

They should focus on populating the website with relevant, high-quality content. Instead of trying to cram ranking keywords into an already existing piece of content, they should focus on a more natural flow. Keywords that fit the larger context of the website can help in getting better rankings.

Marketers should also keep track of their competitor’s keyword strategies. While Google typically considers words like “lawyer” and “attorney” the same, SERPs for similar terms can differ in some high-competition locations. Understanding how the competition bills itself is an essential step in an effective SEO strategy. 

Google releases two-three major algorithm updates in a year, leaving SERPs in a state of constant Fluctuation. This constant evolution makes it pivotal for marketers to keep a close track of new keyword rankings and opportunities on a regular basis.

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