Improve CX with AI and empathy

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August 03, 2021, 2:48 AM GMT+0

Brands need an “action and insight engine” that gathers insights and suggestions to enhance consumer support.

To build customer relationships, businesses must nurture consumers over a period of time with appealing marketing campaigns. Companies must strive to improve their customer experiences (CX) rather than using COVID-19 as an excuse for inferior customer services.

Connect with consumers through virtual assistants and wearables like smart watches to boost interactions, as more consumers are now willing to engage via smart devices. Use AI to automate monotonous processes and free up customer care staff to support consumers through empathy and personalised interactions.

Companies can implement predictive analytics and algorithms to collect and assess consumer data and resolve any issues in consumer journeys ahead of time. Brands must, however, avoid inundating their customers with annoying pop-ups, surveys, and emails.

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