Focus on a product’s USP in whitepapers

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August 04, 2021, 2:47 AM GMT+0

Highlight the product's true genius instead of themes that appear to be popular but aren't right for the brand.

To maximise leads from strategic marketing content like whitepapers, B2B marketers should focus on their products’ future potential, without dwelling too much on the past. Creating whitepapers that highlight use cases, competitive pricing can drive downloads and boost conversions.

Include all details, benefits, metrics, reviews, testimonials about the product, to emphasise its “genius” and unique selling proposition (USP) in whitepapers to persuade buyers. Producing clear and specific whitepapers can help brands stand out from competitors and boost leads.

Develop marketing content aligned with thought leadership goals to prevent a disconnect in marketing efforts. Crafting whitepapers with original and relevant ideas can help brands boost ROI for long-form content.

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