Data agility is the key to tackle the cookie-less future

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August 05, 2021, 6:17 PM GMT+0

Publishers must experiment with targeting tactics to optimise the value of accessible data.

While Google has extended plans to deprecate third-party cookies, digital publishers must use this time to choose suitable data strategies. With the added focus on data privacy, publishers must experiment with a mix of targeting tactics to secure ad revenue and reach in a cookie-less world.

Publishers can use data from consenting users to offer targeted reach across desirable segments. Similarly, publishers can use first-party data to link user profiles to publisher-provided IDs into Google’s stack. This way, companies can use build more extensive segments.

On the other hand, given the mounting concerns surrounding data privacy, first-party data might offer reach for just 20% of users. Use other addressability options like contextual ads to make the best out of available data. Depending on the available data, shift between real-time audiences and contextual to first impression targeting.

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