B2B firms must track demand generation

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August 09, 2021, 4:41 AM GMT+0

While calculating the customer acquisition cost (CAC), factor in the brand’s average marketing/sales cycle.

Measuring revenue-first or profit metrics can help B2B marketers tie their marketing activities to the ROI. Rather than relying on vanity metrics like social media likes, analyse revenue-related KPIs to establish credibility, build meaningful relationships with prospects and drive sales.

Measure direct-sourced revenue to know the revenue generated by marketing activities. Identify the revenue sources and the inbound efforts that drove conversions. Measuring sales qualified leads (SQLs) (marketing) and its rate of conversion to sales opportunities can tie marketing efforts to direct revenue.

The author also recommends informing marketing strategies with sales win rate and sales cycle length calculations. Knowing the typical time taken to convert customers can help tweak marketing efforts. B2B business must focus on demand-generation and brand marketing as much as they do on lead generation.

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