Choose the right format for podcasts

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August 10, 2021, 2:31 AM GMT+0

Using a template to create a repeatable workflow for podcasts with scheduled guests helps maintain consistent quality of podcasts.

Including interview-style podcasts in the marketing mix can help attract and retain audiences with a human touch. To connect with prospects, create podcasts that are aligned with the brand's mission statement, are relevant to consumers, and can be served in formats like stories, interviews.

Marketers can build high-quality podcasts by presenting them in the right content format, duration, branded intros, and schedule. To promote podcasts, create a website dedicated to them and deliver RSS feeds of the podcasts to email and newsletter subscribers.

Editing podcast content with keywords can optimise voice content and “hook” new listeners, notes Tom Webster of Edison research. Develop podcasts around brand stories, and monetise them on platforms like Spotify via affiliate programs and ads to augment distribution and boost revenue.

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